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Create better content marketing and get the word out to the right media outlets  - easily, with help from Werner and Media.


From content to coverage.

We help brands foster a powerful media presence through strategic communications plans that achieve business goals.

Our primary services include content marketing and media relations

which help you build your initial audience, then expand upon it. With the right media strategy, you can drive sales, user adoptions, evaluate media markets and channels, as well as  raise brand awareness or investor interest.


Our media services empower your team to reach new media heights - or let us take the reins for you.

If you aren't sure how to best execute a media or marketing campaign, we've got you covered. Or, if you have an incredible internal team who just needs a little guidance in the right direction: we do that as well.

Whichever you prefer, we're flexible and sensitive to your individual needs and are present throughout.


Our clients go from "unknown entity" to titans-of-industry.

With the right secondary market research or internal proprietary data, you'll be well on your way to making smart media considerations. We work with growing sectors who need a modern, and flexible approach to media.

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Consumer Tech + Apps

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Fitness Mobile Programs
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Media Audience Archetypes

When it comes to media relations, it's important to understand where your

ideal consumer fits into the mix. This makes reaching the right journalist or outlet at the right time much more likely. Which of these media audience archetypes are most likely contain your target consumer?

Our Media Relationships

Whether platform, publisher or a little bit of both, we'll help you place

the right content on the right media outlet. By reaching your target

consumer at their preferred media consumption point,

you have a much better opportunity for true message resonance.

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Sex, Gender

and Identity

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and Movements

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Pop Cultural


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Tourism and Travel

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DIY, Craft and Home Interest

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Fashion and Style

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Health and Wellness

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Looking to stay ahead of the media industry? Our MACRO/Micro blog discusses current events and topics that affect marketers and media-makers alike. 


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From Online to IRL

Our distributed team keeps a core presence in media strongholds, with contributors as-needed for your brand.



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Word from our leadership:

From the encouragement of my parents, to the chagrin of teachers convinced they had failed me, my fascination with the media and its power to transform at the individual, societal, and global level has been a guiding North Star in my career.

In the modern timeline, media has become a domain of many flexible applications. At its highest good: a beacon for change, a voice for the voiceless, fantasy manifested, and a celebration of everything that makes life awesome. At its worst, media is the domain of political manipulators, contains insidious insinuations about our bodies, perpetuates social stigmas, and takes the form of tone deaf advertising whose placement feels relentless on the psyche.

Brands paying for media placement have an inherent different existential reasoning than an artistic filmmaker: to be relevant and meaningful, yet authentic and genuine, and to not offend with either the messaging or the placement of the ad, all while embodying the ethos of the cause and ultimately making sales — a tall order for executives, to say the least. 

Werner and Media aspires to be the dominant consulting firm on the niche marketing subtopic of media. Starting with the research, and from content to coverage, we help your team create something critical and interesting. In rapidly evolving times like these, who wouldn’t want to be in such an exhilarating line of work?

Kelly Jameson Werner

Founder and Executive Director

Werner and Media


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