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Grow your customer base through the right media placements.

In the past, you could buy a television spot, churn out an amazing ad, and watch the customers roll into your physical business over the next few weeks.

Currently, we live in a very fragmented digital world where advertising must be hyper-targeted, timely, and fresh in order to garner attention among your target audience.

Unify your marketing efforts with a media plan primed for success. We help you target demographics with confidence using data, and awareness of media consumption trends.


Solutions We Provide

for Leaders Seeking Media Success

Gain brand visibility in the next 6 months with a media plan any team can execute.

Build a media plan for your existing team to reach target demographics successfully, and touch base with our team throughout to stay on track.


For small to midsize teams who want to gain new media coverage, target specific demographics, align media and marketing tasks, manage negative press, or refresh their brand messaging.

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Consulting Sessions

Build momentum and target top tier outlets with help from our team of media experts.

Partner with our team to execute media plans that go beyond internal capability. We help you formulate strategy, gather contributors and assets, and execute and measure impact.

For organizations who need more tactical media efforts that culminate quarterly into results.

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Media Relations

Build custom marketing campaigns alongside publishers for more impactful experiences.

We have custom opportunities with publishers across consumer segments and demographics. Partner with Werner and Media on your next campaign to bolster your expansive reach.

Contact us today for a consultation on how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Publisher Campaigns

Why us? We use data

and our relationships to create meaningful stuff.

Over the years, we have learned how important it is to identify and understand our client's chief business objectives and aspirational goals. Translating your goals into an effective media strategy is where our best ideas originate.

Each year, it feels like the media moves at an increasingly frenetic pace. By keeping up with new software options, progressive concepts and trends, and the who's who of influencers, we deliver campaigns to our clients that entertain and convert.

Ready to get started? Initial consultations are always free.

Our work focuses on leveraging technology and data to garner insights that allow our strategies to bloom.

Together, we'll help you uncover strategies to reach new markets through media targeting and outreach, as well as paid advertising opportunities to further expand your impact.


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